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HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

Pureit produces one of the world’s ranges of in-home water purifiers. Pureit is a breakthrough innovation by Hindustan Unilever Limited and it gives total insurance from all water-borne infections, unequaled convenience, and affordability. In the current scene, most of the infections are water-related – a noteworthy reason for this is the low quality of drinking water. The greatness of the issue can be seen from the way that diarrheal disease alone leads to 2.5 billion episodes and 1.5 million child mortalities consistently.

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Boiling water, as a method for refinement, is costly, energy-consuming and lumbering.  Available storage and candle-based filters don’t guarantee security from unsafe germs. Given this unique situation, Unilever set out determined to give safe and affordable drinking water through in-home water purification.  Unilever researchers have worked for a long time to think of a series of innovative steps forward that have prompted the making of ‘Pureit’ an exceptional product by Unilever. Pureit gets through the barriers of convenience & affordability by giving water that is as pure as boiled water and guaranteeing total security from water-borne ailments.


The Pureit advancement addresses one of the greatest and basic difficulties of the century – that of making safe water open and affordable for millions. Here are the best 4 water purifiers by HUL Pureit that will provide for your entire family and keep them safe.


HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

Here is an advanced water purifier brought to you by Pureit that not only looks stunning but also comes with an advanced RO + UV purification technology that provides you with pure water as well as adds minerals to enhance the taste of water. The reason behind calling it an advanced water purifier is the various advanced features it comes with. For example- Digital Purity Indicator, Hands-free Bottle Fill Zone, Turbo Flow, advanced 7-stage purification system and advanced alert system as well. We will further explain each of these features as we go down the article.

Key Features

Advanced 7-stage purification system

  • The 7 stages include PP meltdown sediment filtration, Pre RO carbon filtration, Mini filtration, Reverse Osmosis Membrane filtration, Microfiltration, UV filtration, and Post RO carbon filter.
  • By the end of this 7-stage intense purification system, every drop of water you drink is sweet and always safe.


Digital Purity Indicator

  • It has an advanced digital purity indicator that senses the quality of the water about 5000 times a second and let the user know about it as well.
  • The digital display panel consists of purification indicator, tank full indicator, guided alert system, germkill kit 1 indicator, germkill kit 2 indicator and SF change indicator as well.
  • The indicator light brightens and dims during the purification process and while filling the water tank. The indicator remains illuminated when the tank is full. The tank full indicator will be illuminated once the storage tank is full.
  • In case of specific electric faults, a segment of the red band will illuminate to indicate to service technician where the fault is.


Superior Storage and Turbo Flow & Hands-free Bottle Fill Zone

  • Owing to the 10-liter storage the user can enjoy safe and healthy water that will never run out owing to the automatic function.
  • It also implements one of a kind automated water filling system that lets the user fill the water in a bottle without having to even use their hands.
  • Also, it has a turbo flow technology that can fill a 1-liter water bottle in just 30 seconds. So combining the above 3 features it can provide the user with a 100% hassle-free operation.


Advanced Alert System and Auto Shut-off Feature

  • It has an Advanced Alert System and Auto Shut-off Feature that not only lets its user know 15 days before the Germkill kit expires and shuts off when it is expired.
  • The germ kill kit 1 indicator has a feature of the indicator blinking slowly and the call centre numbers alerts its user before 15 days. The users are advised to order and replace the germkit when the indicator blinks rapidly.
  • Even in case of a power cut the user can dispense upto 4 liters of clean water by installing a manual tap as spare as well.


100% RO Purified water with TDS filtration

  • The purifier filtrates every drop of water that passes through RO ensuring no mixing of purified and impure water. And the RO system can remove harmful chemicals like Lead, Mercury, as well.
  • Also, it can remove the total dissolved solids up to 200mg/lit. It can also purify approximately 9-12 liters of water per hour which comes real handy when there are guests coming over.


The Catch

  • Even if the project is overall good few users complained of being unable to get any water in case of a power cut. the user can dispense upto 4 liters of clean water by installing a manual tap as spare.
  • Also a number of users complained of poor service on the companies part and also of leakages. So the users are advised to do a double check while the purifier is being installed.

10 – Litres Tank

Purification Technology

RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

Filtration Power

12 L/hr


Automatic alarm feature, Wall Mounted


1 Year

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